OLLI OLLI - Exceptional People The Afterlife Investigations synopsis

The Afterlife Investigations – 89 minutes

A documentary film by UFOTV.com, directed and produced by Tim Coleman.

Reference site: http://www.thescoleexperiment.com/ (this site is maintained by Jane and Grant Soloman, the authors of the book The Scole Experiment, referred to in my syllabus for this course. I highly recommend both the site and the book for in-depth materials and for the continuing experiments with (another? the same?) spirit team that the Scole mediums, Diana and Alan Bennett, are conducting with the help of the Solomans.

YouTube, entire film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qSEi_sfaSU

Here is a summary and defense of the Scole experiments themselves:  Montague Keen on the Scole Experiment.

1. Introduction 3.15 [numbers like this reference the time line of the film]

Diana and Alan Bennett, the mediums

Robert and Sandra Foy, the hosts, also investigators

5 years, twice a week meetings in their cellar

Physical mediumship -- levitation

apports and teleportation. Spirit hands (that touch) and forms that can be seen.

Voices in mid air.

Professor David Fontana introduced  6.03

Robin and Sandra Foy introduced

Diana and Alan Bennett introduced

[You can listen to Alan Bennett's normal voice here and contrast it to the voice a bit later of a spirit team member instructing someone to put his hands into a bowl, which voice is produced through Alan in a trance. -- 7.54]

The spirit team introduced 7.14

2. Photography 8.07

There was a separate photographic spirit team working with them at that time.

"Areas of communication within the spirit world." 9.24

The Fairbridge picture, name from the communicators. 9.50

Spirit Team asks for unexposed film in its plastic container and produces exposed film with interesting pictures and writing. 10.00 Works if the spirit team thinks they've succeeded.

Independent investigators check the film boxes as unopened etc. 10.45

3. Marcello Bacci: "The Spirit Radio." 11.31

The spirit team (with human mediums et al.) travel to meet Bacci.

The dead speak through his old vacuum-tube radio. (Direct Radio Voice)

Manu (leader of the spirit team) speaks to Robin Foy via the Bacci radio. 13.00

Departed children speak to their parents. 14.00

Paolo Pressi (radio investigator): He (Bacci) is a medium because nothing happens unless he is present. 15.45

Voice print analysis confirms.

Dr. Immanual Torriello's experiments. Radio inside Faraday cage. THE RADIO WAS SWITCHED OFF. And THE TUBES WERE TOTALLY REMOVED. "So you tell me how is possible?" 17.00-18.00

4. The Society for Psychical Research Investigators Arrive. 18.06 (back in Scole)

The Bennetts took about a year to get this level of communication to happen regularly.

Lights moving about. The spirit team asked for a glass dome on the table.

Photograph shows energy radiating out.

The SPR is invited in. [N. many psychic groups like the Scole group refuse this.] 20.03

Montague Keen.

Dr Arthur Ellison. Prof of Electrical Engineering

Dr. David Fontana. Prof of Psychology

Security measures taken. 21.45

They experienced colored lights, materializations, direct voices (not via medium), and were touched by the spirits.

Prof Archie Roy, astronomer, conducts discussion on this topic with the spirits. 23.09

Luminous wristbands introduced.

Night vision equipment denied. "Not yet."

More lights, and the reactions of the participants. ("Wow!!") 24.45

Moving lights responsive to the wishes of the observers.

Rupert Sheldrake's testimony as to the lights that penetrated the table. 25.45

Physical healing occurs.

Spirit voices through the mediums. 27.00

The spirits remember every detail of all conversations at Scole over 5 years.

Mind reading. Mrs. Bradshaw. "We continue from our side of life to influence people still in the body."

Spirits identified by people who actually knew them. Veridical detail. 29.36

5. The Scole Apports. 31.00

About 80 or more altogether. 31.32

The newspaper apport. 32.00 Helen Duncan's spirit story.

Found guilty of mediumship in WW2 witchcraft case.

Paper analyzed as genuine. (1944 newsprint)

Spirit Team claims the apports are not stolen, but were lost or belonged to them.

6. Bacci Apports Arrive on Camera. 34.00

Night camera used

Strange medium trance -- Pace !

Although asked to turn off the camera, they kept it running anyway.

Oak table levitates. 35.15

Other apports. Flowers and petals fall. 37.11 (not controlled conditions) Apports with specific connections to subjects.

7. 'Spirit Forms' Appear at Scole. 36.30

Sheldrake on a disembodied hand floating about. Belongs to Mrs. Bradshaw. Taps him on his shoulder at his request. 38.53

David Fontana on same topic. 40.06 Hand and arm easier than full body, according to the Spirit Team.

Robert Foy reports physical manifestation of his mother, father and sister. He could hold and embrace them, and carry out a conversation with them. "I witness it so many times it just becomes a normal thing." 40.49

"Normal is a word strained by the experiences of the Scole experiments." 41.05

Spectral forms as faces moving around the room with direct voices (i.e., not via the medium). 41.23

Montague Keen: "They looked like angelic forms." 41.53 (actual audio here, simulated visual)

"An overwhelming feeling of love" when such a form touched this one woman.

8. Film Experiments at Scole. 43.00

Montague Keen explains how the spirit team was producing pictures of deceased persons and strips of film (with pictures) were produced without any cameras and in the dark. 44.05

Polaroid film in original boxes; open boxes in Scole chamber; place in special wooden box held by an experimenter; removed from box and developed in a special machine just upstairs at that time. Result still very clear writing and images on the film.

Faces, poems, elegant geometrical figures, writing in German, Greek, Chinese, Hebrew, Latin and even Sanskrit (Romanized). No this-side linguists present.

Poems' authors not all identified, but one found by Frederick Meyers (one of the founders of the Society for Psychical Research in England). Some initials and signatures were found.

9. Video Experiments at Scole. 47.41

instructions on setting up and locating the cameras came from the Spirit Team.

Using 2  mirrors so the camera photographs only its own viewfinder, remarkable images  appear on the tape that were not seen in the room. -- a tunnel of light, spirit faces, a moving doorway, red pyramids, solar system components. Their meaning was never explained to the Scole group by the spirit team. 49.46

Video in full light of empty room produces pictures of a ghostly white ET gray. 50.23

Dr Hans Scher, Swiss lawyer and businessman, monitored these experiments. Only he provided the film and touched the camera.

10. The Electronic Voice Phenomenon. 51.36

Alexander McCray 52.34

Vicki Talbot who lost her son Braden in a boating accident 54.02

"What matters is the love that you have for your family, and not to screw it up." 55.45

2-way communication between spirit team and Scole investigators via a Panasonic tape recorder. Microphone removed. 57.26

"Is this the Scole Experimental Team? Experimenting with audio equipment?"

The spirit team make suggestions for improving the tape recorder effectiveness.

This info came in on a photographic strip signed with TAE, Edison's initials.

11. 'Is it trickery?' The SPR Report. 59.02

A magician and others say No.

SPR official proceedings publish their results, say No.

SPR there for over two years.

Chris French says he's not convinced on the basis of available evidence (but does not directly address the evidence of the Scole experiments.).

Montague Keen says the problem is that most people, including the skeptics, find the possibility of life after death so utterly impossible that they just refuse to believe any evidence. But they need to answer for how they would explain the evidence, and ask if it would not be yet more crazy to believe any explanation they can find.

12. The 'LA Sessions.' 1.03

In a Hollywood home of Bryan Hurst. 8 sessions, up to 30 people each.

Round table with crystals on perimeter turned sideways (perpendicular to the floor) and spun rapidly. The crystals do not fall off. (Simulated in the film, but with actual voices recorded real time.)

Reg Lawrence (a spirit-world communicator) an expert at producing direct voice (not via mediums) appears and makes a big hit.

Cancer apparently healed.

"We actually saw the spirits."

13. Is It All Psychokinesis? 1.09

Maybe we can dodge the possibility of life after death by supposing that these effects are produced by psychokinesis coupled with telepathy. Someone somewhere on Earth knows stuff about the sitters' dead relatives; the mediums telepathically pick that up (unconsciously) and let it process into the voices they produce through their throats OR via telekinesis produce the direct voices in the air.

Nina Kalagina in Russia. 1.10.30

Montague Keen points out the Occam's Razor problems with the "just hierseitig" paranormal powers explanation. [It's so interesting that so many very smart people are so opposed to accepting so much good evidence for life after death. This more than anything, they resist. To me Derek Paravicini is more puzzling than spirits. After all, I am clearly a spirit of some sort.]

14. Bacci: The Voices Return. 1.12.30

1st no voices now 1.13

they come back 1.13.30

the episode of fearing he had failed to record the voice

Gregorio, a Catholic friar who had died many years ago: "When you are here, then you will find the answers to all your questions."

15. Why Mainstream Science Is Skeptical. 1.15.30

Sheldrake on why this is so. Dominant materialism from 19th c. "A dogmatic belief system rather than a testable theory."

Charles Tart  on same topic: "an outmoded view in science, a Newtonian world view." QM makes the world look far more mysterious than we think." 1.17.40

16. 'Dematerialization' at Scole. 1.18.00

some actual audio and video (the colors flitting about as orbs)

a large levitating crystal of quartz 1.18.30 then descends into a large Pyrex bowl. Arthur Ellison invited (by the spirit team) to pick it up, and so he did. He was then asked immediately "to pick it up again, but his fingers passed right over it." Then he was asked to pick it up again, and it rematerialized.

The spirit team told them that this was a good demonstration of what happens after death, in that "the essence of the crystal remained even though its physical part had been removed." 1.20.00

17. Testing Allison DuBois. 1.20.20

Montague Keen tells us he'd rather have nothingness after death, but the evidence tells him that he can't be intellectually honest and not believe in survival.

Then he actually dies, on camera, during the production of the film.

(More likely later, at the hospital.)

Allison DuBois is called in to contact him. [Wow.] TV show Medium.

We see her (UA scientists Gary Schwartz and Julie Beischel in the background) doing this. 1.21.30

Shift to the film of his heart attack and collapsing while making a point at a meeting of the Royal Society of Arts in London — Allison nails it. He says, "What a way to go out!" to her from the spirit word. On camera.

18. Conclusions. 1.24

"We actually saw the spirits."

"Braden's not dead."

"Here we live in another dimension." (Bacci's radio.)

"Emily, when did you live on the Earth?" "Oh, a long time ago."

The faces on the unexposed film.

"We are the spirit of the timestream." (Bacci radio.)

1998, after 5 years and 500 sessions, the Scole experiment came to an end.

Bacci and his radio continue on with the parents and children.

Vicki Talbot continues to receive the voice of her son via EVP.

Alan Bennett — "... people to stop and think and look at their own lives, and look at where they're going. Perhaps to be better people." 1.26.30


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