OLLI OLLI - Exceptional People Supplemental Materials Class 3 handout

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 As always, I invite comments on the class last time, which covered:

Here is the scene list, again, for the Scole film:

end overview physical mediumship scientific scrutiny = 6 minutes

start mediums & film effects 5.38

end mediums & film effects = 6 minutes

start Bacci (ITC) "You tell me how is possible?" 11.37

end Bacci (ITC) = 7 minutes

start the SPR astrophysics talk It is not a hoax, and it is not possible. 18.11

end SPR = 9 minutes

start Spirit Team 27.13

end Spirit Team = 11 minutes

start Apports & Levitation 37.45

end Apports & Levitation = 8 minutes

start Touching hands-arms Talking faces Film & Video Invasion 45.44

end Touching hands-arms Talking faces Film & Video Invasion = 14 minutes

start EVP 59.09

end EVP = 8 minutes

start LA Trip & windup 1h07.03

end LA Trip & windup = 21 minutes