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Welcome to the continuation of Exceptional People -- What's the Norm? from the winter of 2016. Please consult the syllabus for that course, available in class today, to get a sense of where we have been and where we are going.

We will begin with item 17, the opening section of the excellent documentary film Something Unknown Is Doing We Don't Know What produced by Renée Scheltema. There is a synopsis handout for it today also.

Please note that the syllabus itself, this handout and subsequent materials like it, as well as a good number of supplementary items are available from my vanity website – bobnotes.org. Click on the OLLI icon. On that website you will find working, live links to most of the video material we watch in this course and also to a good number of supplementary materials and videos.

Please also note that it is not my intention simply to take you as quickly as possible through as many of these videos as I can. Instead I hope that we can have a little conversation about everything we watch. And I hope that will include sharing our own stories of connecting with the something unknown. In that regard, and following an excellent suggestion from a student in our class, I will break up the longer videos into shorter, single-topic components for us to comment on.