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I'm afraid I spent rather too much time with introductions and the like last time. That meant we didn't get to finish the section on psychic healing from Something Unknown Is Doing We Don't Know What, and we will begin today with that video. First, however, I invite you to share with the class any any thoughts you may have had about the material we viewed in our last session.

          I have adjusted the course synopsis online to reflect the changes we are making today, and I give them below:


19.01-Psychic Healing section of SUIDWDKW


G:\OLLI course files\19-SU-4 Healing 18M.mp4

19.1-Laurin Bellg’s story: Until I Met Warren


C:\Users\BoB Krieckhaus\Portable here hp\OLLI course files\19.1-Laurin Bellg - Until I met Warren 6M.mp4


(The above link is to the entire 55 minute talk Dr. Bellg gave at the Monroe Institute in February of 2014. I have extracted the “Until I Met Warren” from it.)

Dr. Bellg is an ICU/critical care physician from Wisconsin who began asking her patients after operations and other traumas, when she was finished with the usual interview procedures, if they had anything else interesting to report. She has an excellent blog here and has just published a collection of her patients’ tales of near death as Near Death in the ICU.

19.2-Dr. Raymond Moody on the shared death experience


C:\Users\BoB Krieckhaus\Portable here hp\OLLI course files\19.2-Shared Death Experiences - Raymond Moody, MD, PhD.mp4


Dr. Moody speaks at a Buddhist retreat center about the shared death experience and his early encounters as a medical student and resident with other medical health workers and their experiences at the side of the dying. This was in the 70’s when best practice was to shield close family members and friends from the actual moments of their loved ones’ death.

          I use this short video as a transition to the following material, which confronts us pretty much directly with the afterlife itself. It gives me an opportunity to let Lee Ridgway of our class share an extraordinary photograph made by a friend of hers at the moment of her husband's passing.


The Scole Experiments (The Afterlife Investigations) scene summary.


end overview physical mediumship scientific scrutiny = 6 minutes

start mediums & film effects 5.38


end mediums & film effects = 6 minutes

start Bacci (ITC) "You tell me how is possible?" 11.37

end Bacci (ITC) = 7 minutes

start the SPR astrophysics talk It is not a hoax, and it is not possible. 18.11

end SPR = 9 minutes

start Spirit Team 27.13

end Spirit Team = 11 minutes

start Apports & Levitation 37.45

end Apports & Levitation = 8 minutes

start Touching hands-arms Talking faces Film & Video Invasion 45.44

end Touching hands-arms Talking faces Film & Video Invasion = 14 minutes

start EVP 59.09

end EVP = 8 minutes

start LA Trip & windup 1h07.03

end LA Trip & windup = 21 minutes

credits start 1h28.55