OLLI OLLI - Exceptional People Calling Earth Synopsis

Calling Earth synopsis

Daniel Drasin, 2015

This documentary film has so many persuasive facts in it, and it looks so carefully at skeptical doubts about those facts, that it gets a little boring for some people. I think those people are like most of those in my class – they are already believers, so what do they care about all these facts? Nevertheless, I am showing some of it (in short snatches) just because it is one of the purposes of my class to be persuasive about the actual, factual existence of an afterlife for us all. And about the possibility of sometimes receiving confirmation from our deceased loved ones that “We are the dead. We are alive we are able to think and to speak.” That is something you will hear on a tape recording made in the 70’s by a German scientist studying what is called “Instrumental Trans-Communication,” in this film.

 And that is also why I am giving below a synopsis of the film that you may also find rather boring because of its detail and length. I hope some of you may find it useful. I have bolded expressions that appear as recorded voices in the docu.

Opening Section

Martha Copeland of Lawrenceville, GA hears her deceased daughter Cathy discipline her dog on “a recording she had made earlier that day.”

September 2005, Vicky Talbert of Bellingham, WA received a message on her answering machine from her 4-years deceased son, Braden. “Pick up the phone, mom!

In January 1994 Mark Macy of Boulder, CO received a telephone call from a European psychologist named Konstantin Raudive, who had been dead for 20 years.

In October 1987 Claude and Ellen [C/Flaudin] of Sweden switched on their television to see and photograph an image of the ITC investigator Friedrich Juergenson, who was just being buried at the same time 250 miles away.

Capturing voices from the dead on instruments of technology has been done for more than 50 years. This phenomenon is called instrumental trans-communication, ITC.

Many scientists have chosen to study this phenomenon and many books have been written about it. There are also annual conferences of experts and experiencers and interested people on both sides of the Atlantic.

It is possible that mainstream science has been misinterpreting the nature of consciousness and so failed to investigate this phenomenon. The worldview of mainstream science may be called materialism.


Alexander MacRae, defines EVP.

“Go to the river of light.”

He developed speech enhancers for the space shuttle and voice links for the London underground.

At first he thought EVP was an alarming fraud aimed at exploiting the bereaved. He started recording EVP in an attempt to discredit it. However, one evening and to his great surprise, he heard a voice “Karl Johnson.” His reaction was something close to fear. He then discovered additional voices on the same tape. The first one was his father’s voice, which used an expression very common to his father but otherwise rather uncommon – “Aye-Aye, Aye.” This made him become “reasonably convinced” that the phenomenon of EVP was legitimate and he spent the next 25 years investigating it. His research persuades him that there is another dimension beyond our existence and that includes life after death.


first noticed in the early 20th century when unexplained messages were said to have appeared in telegraph, telephone and early sound recording systems. Several well-known scientists such as Alexander Graham Bell, Nikola Tesla, and Thomas Edison became interested in using the new technology to contact the dead. Edison proposed building a device to capture spirit voices.

In 1939 Atilla Von Szalay [SaLay] an American photographer and experimenter, claimed success at EVP using a phonograph record cutter and in the 1940s with a primitive wire recorder.

In 1952 while editing recordings of Gregorian chants two Italian priests inadvertently picked up the voice of the father of one of them. As the traditional Church forbade communication with the dead, the two fathers feared that they had committed a mortal sin, but they were greatly relieved when Pope Pius XII declared their recording a major discovery, one that might lead to further scientific study that might provide evidence for the existence of an afterlife.

When in the 1950s tape recorders became popular, people began to hear strange voices on the recordings – “Do you like me?” The conventional world dismissed these voices as random pickups of stray radio broadcasts.

Friedrich Juergenson, a Swedish actor, artist and filmmaker, was the first person to study ITC in depth. In 1959 as he was recording nocturnal bird sounds for a documentary film, he was astounded to discover faint voices on his recording that were also discussing nocturnal bird sounds. He devoted the rest of his life to researching this phenomenon. His discoveries included the fact that the spirit voices often interacted with the experimenter.

Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian philosopher and psychologist, was one of Juergenson’s pupils. During his lifetime he recorded 70,000 voices in six different languages. In 1971 he published a vinyl recording of some of these voices. Here follow several excerpts from the recording.

In 1976 German physicist Ernst Senkowski began to study ITC as well.

We are the dead. We are alive we are able to think and to speak.”

He heard the voice of his late father calling him by his nickname used when he was a little boy – “Mein lieber Pumuckl.

Sarah Estep in the US made hundreds of recordings and and published a book and founded the American Association for Electronic Voice Phenomena now known as Association Trans Communication. Lisa and Tom Butler now direct this association.

That’s Nicolaides.”

I miss you,” says Lisa Butler’s mother. About recognizing his mother-in-law’s voice, Tom Butler says, “The importance of that is just unspeakable.”

The Butlers have written a book There Is No Death And There Are No Dead about the history of ITC.

THE BIG CIRCLE (start 14.29)

Solace to the bereaved is probably the main benefit of EVP (Alexander MacRae, Lisa Butler)

The story of 20-year-old Cathy Amiss of Lawrenceville, Georgia. She loved dogs.

“Following a serious car accident from which they miraculously escaped unharmed, Cathy and a cousin of hers made a pact that whoever died first would try to contact the other. Unbeknownst to her cousin, Cathy had been studying the electronic voice phenomenon. Tragically, within a month, another automobile accident claimed Cathy’s life. Five months later, while surfing the internet, Cathy’s cousin discovered EVP for herself and implored Cathy to speak through the computer. Suddenly she heard a whispered voice,

I’m Still Here – Cat.

“Soon Cathy’s own mother – Martha Copeland – was recording her own messages from Cathy.

Cathy’s here.

I’m here in the spiritual.

I’m really saying this.

“Many of Cathy’s messages seemed to reflect her love for animals.

[This is] Cathy’s dog!

“One day as she often did, Martha switched on her [voice-activated] recorder at home and went out shopping. When she returned, Cathy’s dog had made a mess of the house. When Martha checked the recording, she heard Cathy’s voice admonishing the dog:

Dija, No!

“A similar incident produced the following EVP:

Dija, go outside!

“After searching the Internet, Martha discovered the AAEVP and joined immediately. Soon she was sharing recording tips and EVP samples with Karen Mossy of New Hampshire whose son Rob had died of a brain injury.

Rob… Just missing you, pal.

I miss you very much.

Before long other names and voices begin to show up in their recordings.




We’re still in spirit.

They’re here! Yes!

“The name Braden popped up repeatedly.


I know Braden.

Our Braden is beautiful.

Braden’s not dead, he’s alive!

“But neither Martha nor Karen knew anyone named Braden. Only later did they learn that Vicki Talbot of Washington state had lost her son in a kayaking accident and had just joined the organization. Her son’s name was Braden.”

Here the story of Vicki Talbot and her son Braden is given. I omit many details because we also heard it in the Scole Experiment documentary.

One story catches my attention because I did not hear it on the other documentary. It begins at 19.20 where Vicki says that Braden continues to show up on the answering machine from time to time. She tells us that Braden used a special family term for friends as well as in the family – Sweet Pea. One day recently a friend of Braden’s named Rachel called up, and right before she begins to speak Braden’s voice calls her Sweet Pea. Rachel, apparently not having heard the Sweet Pea, says “Hey, Vicki, this is Rachel…” And then after she hangs up, as Vicki says, “Jim says, She has hung up.” We see a photograph of young Jim and hear his voice saying “She’s hung up.” On the recording another male voice can be heard to say “That’s odd that,” interrupted right at the end of the recording.

The documentary does not identify Jim explicitly, but as his photograph is given in the way of the other young deceased people, it appears that he is another member of the group of young people who speak to Vicki, Martha and Karen from the other side. It’s as if he had been eavesdropping on the conversation. The young people on the other side call themselves ”The Big Circle." There is a still-active website for this group here: link.


IS EVP REAL? (start 20.47)

Alexander MacRae speaks to this topic. He says he believes in experimental evidence and has done 20 years at least of experimenting. His belief is empirically based. But the disbelief of most people is not based on experiment. Some objections are considered:

Pareidolia – the tendency to see patterns or meaningful words when in reality none exist. Is it possible that EVP is just misidentified noise? This may be true of some EVP known as Class C. Classes B and C, however, are much clearer.

Unnoticed voices during the recording – however, most such recordings are made in private circumstances – some are made on devices whose microphones have been removed – and some are made by people like Alexander MacRae using devices that do not have microphones and therefore cannot pick up any natural voices. In addition background voices can be detected by using two recording devices at the same time. EVP will appear on only one. So any voices picked up by both devices can be ruled out as EVP.

Stray broadcast signals – but such stray pickups only occur under very rare conditions. Furthermore since most EVP is very brief, that argues against stray radio pickups. As MacRae says “If the phenomenon of EVP were just a random event, then you’d be as likely to get very short phrases and very long ones.” But empirically EVP utterances tend to cluster around 1¾ seconds in length. Another argument against random stray radio pickups is that EVP phrases are whole statements for the most part. Finally, if EVP were random pickups from stray radio broadcasts, it would include a lot of music, which it does not.

Other arguments in favor of the legitimacy of contact in EVP are that they are frequently interactive with the person doing the recording and they include personal information. Lisa Butler reports that in one situation in a darkened house when she turned on a pen light to check that her audio recorder was on, she later noticed an EVP saying that the flashlight hurt. There is also the fact that experimenters receive messages almost always in their own languages.

An interesting technical argument against non-paranormal explanations of EVP is that forensic analysis shows that the voices of EVP do not originate in human-like vocal cords. Instead they seem to be synthesized in ways that we do not yet understand.

Alexander MacRae’s highly technical work also offers strong argument against non-paranormal explanation. One of his recording devices is so constructed that it is unable to pick up radio transmissions. And nevertheless it picks up EVP. MacRae has further used his special device inside radiofrequency-shielded rooms and still obtained EVP.

The final recourse of the skeptic is, of course, hoaxing. However, for the many cases of scientific study of the phenomena given in this documentary, there is no evidence of hoaxing. [So the documentary says, and I myself find it hard to imagine how so many recordings made in so many different places at so many different times could all be hoaxed. To think them hoaxed appears to me to be an act of faith in a belief system utterly opposed to the  possibility of ITC.]

And any individual with doubts can simply try EVP herself.

Konstantin help you.

Konstantin Raudive.

HOW TO DO EVP (start 32.37)

I will not give many details here. Remember that you can listen to this video online at any time. Just Google “calling earth" and you will find it on Vimeo for free. The URL is: https://vimeo.com/101171248.

Lisa Butler – “Usually the voices start out as merely whispers. It’s interesting – after you do this for a while, the voices will actually become louder, become stronger.”

COMPUTER ITC (start 36.26)

The term instrumental trans-communication was coined when communications began to come in from computers (as text in word processing programs), television, pictures, faxes and even telephone calls.

Mark Macy of Boulder Colorado – world ITC.org –

time just passes here

Computer messages written on simple devices with no connection to an outside network. For instance the Arthur Beckwith printout that Mark Macy confirmed by hiring investigators in England where Beckwith was born, dying in Brooklyn New York in 1912.


here we find Vicki Talbert and her son Braden again because some of his messages were recorded on her telephone answering machine –

Pick up the phone, Mom!

In a book Phone Calls From The Dead Scott Robo and Raymond Bayless report their studies in the US that show hundreds of such phone calls were received.

Physicist Ernst Senkowski (see p. 2) claimed to have received phone calls from Klaus Schreiber, another ITC experimenter, several years after he died.

… And also inform Rainer Holbe that the connection has come off well

this is fantastic, dear Klaus.

The people in Luxembourg will be glad

Klaus, did you sometimes try to make contact via radio?

Naturally…. But here I have someone who wants to contact you Ernst. I pass the device to him.

(Rattling sounds)

This is… Hello… This is Augustyn Hlond.

(Hlond was a Polish Roman Catholic Cardinal, living 1881-1948.)

Here Senkowski explains that the Cardinal uses an expression that his (Senkowski’s) father had used to describe the socialists under Hitler in Nazi Germany. The expression is “very nasty,” a vulgar expression in Eastern Prussia. It means literally, “His stomach was cleaned,” butSenkowski tells us it means, in English, “I told him the truth.”

Your father, I know him, says to me, “One has cleaned people’s stomach.”

[Man hat den Menschen den Magen reingemacht. My favorite German-English translation website (dict.cc) has no record of this expression as such or in any significant variation. My best guess is that Senkowski’s father is referring to what happened to the German people under Hitler – they got their stomachs cleaned. They found out the truth about Hitler.]

Yes he said that.

Senkowski goes on to explain that no one in his family knew of this expression and that his father died in 1959. Evidently he finds it strongly validating to hear on the phone from the other world this way. “There is no one who is able to use this sentence and send it to me via telephone. So there is no way out, believe me. This is a reality! And if somebody, maybe the greatest scientist, refuses to take it – this is his problem, not my problem. Sorry.”

Konsantin Raudive, the master communicator from the dead, himself a scientist who looked into ITC thoroughly. There are literally scores, possibly hundreds of people who have received his voice through EVP.

Konstantin help you

this is Konstantin Raudive speaking

I’m as fine as a dead one can be

Mark Macy, my dear friend, we bring our greetings to colleague Meek and the others…

Good morning this is George Meek.

This is Konstantin Raudive. George, my friend. At last we’ve succeeded in contacting you… This is the first bridge we have succeeded to build to the States Mark was contacted…

And now Mark Macy recalls receiving that first telephone call from Raudive.  Although he was unprepared to record that phone call, when the second one came in – offering him technical advice about how to better receive very low frequency messages from the deceased – Mark Macy was experimenting with that at the time – he was of course prepared to record the call and we get some of that recording in the documentary here. It is highly technical and in my opinion totally amazing. Unlike most EVP this communication lasts rather a long time.

Raudive’s messages were not limited to the technical. He suggested that improving ITC generally “might lead to a more just and peaceful world.”

Violence. That’s one of those things we want to prevent by ITC. The violence


We hear from a conference in Vigo, Spain. Anabela Cardoso and Jacques Blanc-Garin. They describe their work in ITC in Spain and France and all over Europe. We hear EVP in several foreign languages.

DIRECT RADIO VOICE (DRV)   (start 50.31)

At a time when Dr. Cardoso was using her radio to provide white noise background for an EVP experiment, she was surprised to hear a clear voice come out of that radio in her native Portuguese.

Picas, my little cat, is here with me.

I’m speaking with the humans. [In a different voice.]

These voices have often called Dr. Cardoso by her childhood name,  Bella.

Bella … Bella

Yes I can hear you

you replied and the reply came directly into our space!

Dr. Cardoso responds to the objection that these voices coming out of her radio might be stray broadcast signals by asking why they reply to her.

Now we have the radio voices that are clearly recognized as those of a deceased friend or relative.

Death is a transition.

Here we live in another dimension.

Even for those who do not believe…

… This spirit can certainly speak.

The documentary at this point comes to Marcello Bacci whom we have heard from extensively in our previous documentary. I omit description of this long passage.

VISUAL ITC (start 57.30)

 Here is a brief discussion of the hoaxing of early black-and-white photographs to show “spirits” in them. Then we come to Friedrich Juergenson, the Swedish pioneer in working with television to obtain spirit images. We get again the story of his image appearing on the television screen of his friends 250 miles away just as he was buried.

Klaus Schreiber of Aachen, Germany [ancestral home to the Krieckhauses] was an earlier experimenter with EVP, and in one of his exchanges with the other side was advised to try using video, which he did. With the help of electrical engineer Martin Wenzel as well as advice from his spirit interlocutors, he produced specialized video equipment that would yield highly unstable forms which, he was told, could be manipulated by those on the other side. He began to receive many remarkable images in 1984. By a laborious process he uncovered images of human faces suddenly emerging from the random shapes. [There is an interesting parallel here to the video images received by the Scole group in England.] We see a good many of these highly degraded images in the documentary at this point. These include the several well-known people and “not surprisingly” even Konstantin Raudive appears. There were also images of Schreiber’s deceased relatives. We hear the engineer Martin Wenzel describing his work with Schreiber on a German television program. He confirms that Schreiber let him investigate all aspects of his work, and he states that there seems to be no possible way his results could have been hoaxed.

After his death Schreiber sends his image through a computer video device – clearly in digitized form. And of course we have already heard Schreiber talking on the telephone with his coworker Senkowski. These conversations were recorded on Senkowski’s answering machine and witnessed by his wife.

In another area of Europe, this time the Netherlands, Konstantin Raudive reappears in yet another ITC communication speaking directly with experimenters. Eventually they are able to obtain television pictures of various people from the afterlife. Among these is a woman who had been working with a spirit team on the other side in a manner rather like that of the Scole team. [It appears that groups of spirits do work together on the other side in efforts to contact us.]

Vicki Talbot, whose son Braden often speaks with her by EVP, experienced an interruption of her normal television programming by black-and-white images apparently from the youthful group The Big Circle. In her shock she managed only to obtain a single photo, which is shown.


This is a very impressive live-recording (in part) of Robert’s gift of interacting with cameras in many strange ways that he does not appear to be able to control. He reminds me of Ted Serios in the ‘70s in the US (Life Magazine gave him wide exposure). However, Serios needed to be drunk to get his effects, it seems, and Robbert (Dutch spelling, I believe) seems like a simple, sober and honest fellow. I will show this section in class and do not have time this weekend to list out the details here.


IS VISUAL ITC REAL? (start: 1.15.17)

Calling Cards is a metaphor for the brief communications from the dead. They are reviewed here as audio snippets and then as photographs of the deceased. It is observed that some of them appear to be energetic manifestations directly from the deceased individual and others appear to be modeled on actual extant photographs here in our world. But these latter are distorted in strange manners not easily created by Photo Shopping. Here we have a very strong argument for the validity of these photographs as emanations from another world. Or worlds.

THE SCOLE EXPERIMENT  (start 1.21.30) (I have cut this part out)

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? (start 1.21.52)

Conclusion at 1.25.30: “Time just passes here” as Mark Macy walks across some Colorado meadow.

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