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Last time we finished watching the Afterlife Investigations at Scole. I consider it to be one of the most persuasive pieces of evidence for survival. It introduces us to a spirit team composed of a few basic members who show up practically every time but have access to a large number of specialists to assist them in the experiments they are conducting with the Scole group, of human beings, with the aim of persuading us here on Earth of their real existence Wherever They Are. The documentary covers a lot of ground – 5 years of often weekly experimentation – in a short time, and I encourage anyone interested in finding out more about the experiments to read the book by Jane and Grant Solomon called the Scole Experiment. If you have any thoughts to share about last time in that film please speak up. By the way, as to Shara's question of last time, Why did they stop? see the course synopsis for the film for the relevant quotation from the Solomon book.

Today we will watch a few excerpts from another documentary film that covers many details in a short time. Please see the synopsis for this film, Calling Heaven, that I am handing out in class.

I am planning on the following 5 segments, page references to the synopsis:

1. The Big Circle (p. 3, 7 min, start 14.29)

2. How to do EVP (p. 5, 6 min, start 30.22)

3. Phone Calls from the Dead (p. 6, 4 min, start 39.17)

4. Direct Radio Voice (p. 7, 2 min, start 50.21)

5. Robert van der Broeke and his mysterious influence on photography (p. 9, 4 min, start 1h10m)

After this I will show you the reincarnation video that I omitted two classes ago about the extraordinary Gwen McDonald and move on to a contemporary Hollywood director's documentation of his own conversion from skepticism to belief in the afterlife. It is called The Life After Death Project and it is produced and mostly filmed by the director himself, Paul Davids, because it all happened to him and he happened to have film cameras all around at the time.

There is a book on this project called An Atheist in Heaven: The Ultimate Evidence for Life After Death? It is written by Paul Davids and Gary Schwartz.